Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Revealing Interview With ADHD Poster Child Richard Branson Live From Necker Island by "Brad Richdale"

Every year my friend Joe Polish takes 12 people to Neckar Island to brainstorm with the founder of Virgin, Richard Branson.

If you are an Entrepreneur I strongly suggest you go to and download his free offer.  I also suggest you listen to Joe's podcast with Dean Jackson, I Love Marketing. Dean and Joe are experts in content marketing, search marketing and opt in marketing.

I strongly suggest you listen to this interview with Richard.  You'll recognize some big name marketers asking questions including my friend Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank.  I also discuss this interview this month at Brad Richdale Business.

This type of story is great for opt in marketing, search marketing and content marketing.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

How To Live Before You Die: Steve Jobs by "Brad Richdale"

If you have ever wondered what drove Steve Jobs to risk everything and begin Apple (AAPL) listed on NASDAQ) then you will find this rare Steve Jobs speech at the 2005 Stanford commencement event fascinating.

It's amazing to hear what happened in his childhood.

I also discuss this at Brad Richdale Business, along with opt in marketing, search marketing and content marketing.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Richard Branson On How He Began As An Entrepreneur by "Brad Richdale"

This is a fascinating inspirational interview with Richard Branson and Harry Smith of CBS.

Richard Branson has had a variety of failures but he has never given up.  Richard has become an expert in managing search marketing, opt in marketing, and content marketing.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Charlie Rose...Is Bashar al-Assad Telling The Truth by Brad Richdale?

Charlie Rose from CBS is on top of it.  He has been face to face with Bashar al-Assad and the interview is chilling and revealing.

This interview will be seen by millions in the next 24 hours but will it have any impact on the outcome of a vote to attack Syria?  We'll see.

As usual Charlie Rose is brilliant and asks the important questions at the right time.  I also discuss this in length at Brad Richdale Book and Brad Richdale Business.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Suicide Rates Of European Entrepreneurs Has Skyrocketed--Why It's Happening Will Surprise You by "Brad Richdale"

This is a fascinating story about the rise of suicides in the EU for Entrepreneurs.

If you're an Entrepreneur you need this information.  The most dangerous person in your life when it comes to generating stress is sadly, but quite often, yourself.

Focus on the macro tasks that will grow your business rather than the minutia of operations--delegate that out and then inspect to get what you expect on other's work.

If the people you delegate to can't do the job--let them go.

Check this story out

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Keanu Reeves On The Future of Marketing, and Movies With His New PBS Special by "Brad Richdale"

This is a fascinating documentary on the future of marketing, business, and movies due to the digital revolution.

Keanu Reeves or a.k.a. Mr. Anderson (Neo) does an incredible job of entertaining and disclosing the most advanced digital technologies and what's next.

You'll also get amazing interviews along with insight from Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and Danny Boyle, George Lucas.  Any interviews they grant are great for opt in marketing, search marketing, and content marketing.

Watch this, it's entertaining, informative and very exciting.  I also go into further detail at Brad Richdale Book.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

$50 Million Reasons A Year Why Perry Marshall Should (Without Working Harder) Get Out Of His Internet Comfort Zone Now!

I was having a conversation with an Entrepreneur I met the other day.

One of the comments I made during our conversation is that we all settle into comfort zones and we usually need a real good kick in the butt or something to shake us out of those comfort zones.  We are all guilty of finding and staying in comfort zones.

When the Internet started it shook me up and it was an absolute seismic shift in my marketing universe.  I seized the shift but didn't dig into the Internet until 26 months ago when I realized that every internet company and consultant I hired was trying to jam me financially, preying on my lack of knowledge.  I started digging in and learning.

One of the advantages I have due to my ADHD is when I decide to focus on something "Katie bar the door"...I will figure it out, it's just an a matter of how long it will take.  This doesn't mean that I'm near as capable on line as Perry Marhsall, Frank Kern, Joe Polish or Eben Pagen all of which are big name Internet marketers. It does mean that after going through Perry Marshall's Display Advertising Bootcamp with Australian Internet marketer, Mike Rhodes and being a member of Perry Marshall's Mastermind Group (a great $99 a month investment) that I know what re-marketing is.

What I've learned through Perry is enough to insure that I won't get skewered when I hire a consultant or company to do work on line for me ever again.

Frankly the biggest thing I learned through Perry Marshall was who to hire as I add more Internet projects. If you own or control a business you should join his Mastermind group just to find really capable people committed to ethically helping clients achieve their goals in on line ventures.  I've even found very capable off line marketers that are subscribers.

But let's get back to Perry making more money without working harder...

Perry Marshall is in a comfort zone...the Internet, and he's incredibly successful within his comfort zone. However Perry is competing against a lot of brilliant people on line--some are direct competitors.

Meanwhile no one is selling any Internet marketing expertise on CNBC or Fox Business Network.  The person who does will then become the brand.  You can not build a brand on line.  You can on TV and it is an intrinsic free bonus benefit when you run DRTV ads.  Perry would also by virtue of running DRTV short form ads on CNBC and Fox Business Network, become the guy they call to appear live on Squawk Box or Neil Cavuto's show.  Joe Kernan and Melissa Francis would love Perry.

Finding people that run or control businesses on CNBC and FBN reminds me of the old saying, "if you want to catch fish you go where the fish are."

If Perry wants to get paid $50 million a year without working harder he should just get clients from CNBC and FBN that will give him stock options and fees.  There are a slew of companies that he could double in size, net and gross profit within 12 months.

With 60 second DRTV ads on CNBC and FBN Perry Marhsall could sell a book and get CEO's begging to speak with him.

Heck he could even qualify the ads with parameters saying, "this is only for public and private company CEO's that want to increase their sales and net profit by 20 percent or more in 12 months or less." (great take away isn't it?)  The cost per lead would skyrocket but he'd have super qualified leads.  If he wanted to add urgency say the offer is limited to the first ten CEO's that respond nationally.

You can buy DRTV ads on CNBC and FBN for a fraction of what you think even during the market hours. A close long time friend runs the largest DRTV agency in the world, the rates for New York City on CNBC while the market is open are less than a night at a nice hotel.

Perry Marshall would really do well on DRTV in the U.K.,  Australia, and Asia.

Why doesn't he do it?  Simple.  Just like an editing bay, TV or film set is comfortable for me, the Internet is comfortable for him.

The operative question here is are you floundering in your comfort zone?  Are you stuck and can't get out?

Perry is (thankfully) enamored with the 80/20 principle (20 percent of what you do makes 80 percent of your money).

If Perry Marshall  is bored with $200 an hour work, imagine how bored he'd be at $5,000 an hour work when he's making $100,000 an hour?

That sounds funny doesn't it?

Last week Carl Icahn made between $7 and $9 million an hour.  He bought a billion dollars worth of Apple stock and the stock popped by billions in valuation in 48 hours. Since he bought Netflix the company has skyrocketed and quadrupled in price.  His attorney is also my attorney.  Compared to me, Carl is an easy client.

There is a starving audience watching CNBC and Fox Business Network begging for help.  What's the difference with fixing public companies?  They have their own monetary system.  Trillions of dollars of stock trade hands daily and they do so globally.  Imagine if Perry Marshall throttled a company in value in 12 months and then imagine what happens to future public clients of Perry's when they announce they have retained Perry Marshall?  The stock pops by 5 to 10% on the announcement.

If Perry Marshall really wants to explode the 80/20 principle then leverage up to DRTV and fish where the fish are starving for food.

Again, just like me he has to get out of his comfort zone to expand his income without working harder.

If you're fat and happy, you're in your comfort zone and if you are happy with your comfort zone that's awesome but if you are like Perry Marshall questioning your value on a daily basis then get your best friend to kick you in the butt as hard as they can and get out of it NOW! Set a goal and put it on your bathroom mirror.

Tomorrow Perry is interviewing me for his Mastermind subscribers and I promise you I will share insights that I've never discussed before that will give you incredible value.  As a matter of fact I'll explicitly explain a new perspective that no one has disclosed on what I'm about to do on line and why I'm doing it.

I also wrote about this in detail at Brad Richdale Business and at

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Kevin Spacey of "House Of Cards", Admits To Direct Response Marketers He Needs Help Now by "Brad Richdale"

This is an amazing (very short) speech delivered by actor Kevin Spacey and the message is critically important for any Internet and Direct Response marketer. SELL WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO BUY!

A few years ago I told TV Producer Eric Kline that Netflix would become a huge distribution point for original TV and films.  I think Eric probably thought I was a little crazy.  Six months later Netflix debuted their first TV program that was original and produced by Netflix.

Kevin explains how the typical United States pilot system for TV wasn't the direction he wanted to take.

More importantly he points out the problem and missed opportunity that shook the music industry and the new model for distribution that the Internet, Yahoo, and Netflix are affording film and TV producers. More video available at

                                               written by Brad Richdale Author

More information at along with discussion in detail at

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hey Brother Can You Spare Me A Billion Dollars?

When I was 10 years old, (four years prior to the abandonment of the Bretton Woods system) I took the money I got from caddying, mowing lawns and shoveling snow and spent it with reckless abandon.

I'd take my bicycle starting from our summer home in Kennebunk Beach and ride to a general store about a mile away.

There were only two things that mattered to me in that general store, penny candy, and comic books.  I needed my fix and boy did I get it.  I'd usually spend a dollar and get three comic books for a dime a piece and seventy pieces of candy.  That same candy is now 15 cents per piece.  Insanity wasn't in the monetary system back then but boy is it now!  So my question today is "brother can you spare a billion?"

Right now with the war between direct response, direct sales, direct marketing and DRTV (supplying me with specific data that is current hour by hour) it appears to me that there is no real recovery to jump up and down about, I don't think I'm alone in this opinion.

The rate of response in DRTV has stayed right at the post crash levels for long form advertising (long form is 28:30 minutes), still down 30% from previous levels. Are products still being sold?  Sure, but the extra cash that people used to buy stuff with on TV isn't there and I doubt it's coming back anytime soon.  The stories of response falling off in direct response campaigns, direct sales and direct marketing provide further support the lack of a rebound and recovery in DRTV sales.

So what we all need now is a check for $1 Billion dollars for each and every person in the country, and that will fix the economy because then we will all be BILLIONAIRES!  The question is what will the money buy?

I doubt comic books will be more than $10,000 and candy more than $500.

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