Sunday, October 5, 2014

News For "Reese Witherspoon" Brian Grazer and Ron Howard : Will They Win Oscar For The Good Lie? Why Entrepreneurs Need To Watch This Film by "Brad Richdale"

It took 11 years for the Film, The Good Lie to come together.

Producers Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and Director Philippe Falardeau didn't make a good film, they made a great film and no decision was more important than casting actress "Reese Witherspoon."

Reese's character performance is the glue that keeps this film together.

Corey Stoll is equally as good and represents perfect casting--he's brilliant.  You might remember him from the first season of House of Cards, Kevin Spacey's blockbuster on Netflix, the kings of online content marketing.

In The Good Lie he shows the potential for current and future Golden Globe and Oscar wins.

Casting Director Mindy Marin searched for the right ensemble including a FACEBOOK  campaign and her decisions gave Philippe Falardeau a lot to work with even though some of the roles are played by first time film actors.

Most of all, Pat Robertson recommended the film on the 700 Club.  When you get Pat Robertson endorsing your film to conservative Christians you don't just get a great opening weekend you get a film that will be around for a long while with great DVD sales and rentals and multiple airings for years to come.

It will be interesting to see if Brian Grazer, and Ron Howard follow the trend in Hollywood (they certainly are now) in producing another film with strong Christian values. Imagine Ron Howard directing an epic like the story of David, Moses, or Paul.

Few people recognize that when sales and marketing trends change you need to be aware of those changes or get shut out from improved revenues. This is important to monitor in any Entrepreneurial endeavor and especially in Content marketing.

                                                      written by "Brad Richdale"

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